Intimations of Royalty

Today it is my great privilege to have breakfast with a fairy princess. It is not as daunting as you might think. Yes, she is startlingly beautiful, with manners and graces that only her race can achieve, but a more natural unaffected creature you could never hope to meet. She’s only three and happens to be my daughter, but that’s just some happy coincidence. She smiled at me over her bowl of granola cereal, her large eyes dancing to their depths and I am humbled and awed that such a magical creature has deigned to make my acquaintance and even enjoys my company. Where did she learn to move like that? Something about the precise movement of her hands, the graceful tilt of her head, the impromptu dance as she sits perched straight-backed in her chair reminds me that I am in the presence of royalty. I watch her reach out and touch a branch of a tree that had been a chair only moments before. She glides away into her enchanted forest-kingdom to fulfill some secret agenda, and I sigh gratefully, taking another contemplative sip of my tea. I have been given a gift.

 Reprint: 2008

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