Dragons in the Treehouse


We have new dragons in the Treehouse. It’s very unsettling. My wizlet daughters found three dragon eggs in June and in mid-November they gave us little annoying (but admittedly cute) hatchlings with tiny claws and sharp fangs. The eldest hatchling, Midna, is crimson in colour and has a fiery little personality to match. The middle one, Navi, is overly fat and becoming a bit of a bully. She’s aqua in colour with little gold flecks. The smallest, Celia, is golden and sweet-tempered. If they weren’t so loveable, I would have kicked them out to fend for themselves before now. They are trouble with a capital T.

Midna is constantly flying around the house, scorching holes in our lovely new curtains and loveseat. Celia cowers at every sudden noise. She climbs up on my shoulder and digs her sharp claws into my skin. My robes are beginning to look like expensive pincushions! Navi has taken over the pantry and I have to get past her snorting, steaming breath before I can make myself anything to eat. I don’t mind that so much, though. I think I’m actually starting to lose the extra pounds I gained when I was under quarantine (we had a terrible ghost fog epidemic last week.)

I thought about taking the little troublemakers to the Kuldron Mountains to see if one of the old wyverns would adopt them, but the three of them seem to have a sixth sense about these things … they possess some kind of magical charisma that is able to guilt me into letting them stay. I had no idea that baby dragons could be so cute! They turn their large black eyes on me and nuzzle my hair and I just melt. Besides, my wizlet daughters are quite in love with them. It seems that we are stuck with these irascible creatures!

I can’t say I really mind. It will be hard work, but I will see the Prime Magus next week and I will talk to him about training them up to be dragon familiars. I know he has trained some difficult dragons in his time, but I’m sure he’s never met dragons like these!

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